anyone got info on these?

Active 3 Replies 2020-06-24 23:30:59 Suppliers <- ordered from this site myself, will update with info whenever i recieve (or if i uh, dont recieve anything, ever)

Coffee replied
3 Months

I would be sceptical of any "pharmacy" (if it is legit) that stocks products like this. It is pretty shady to sell a product like this with no indication of what it contains or how it works, especially with how common breast enlargement scams are. That said, you're welcome to try a small order of something cheap and report back how it went, but be careful with who you give your credit card or personal information to, it can become a lot more expensive than you thought it would.

They also stock Ralista, which is weird because pretty much every online pharmacy that has ever sold it is sold out or has stopped selling it, so it is a bit unlikely they have it and nobody has ever found out.

Something else they have is a very similar name to a real pharmacy. This is a very common scammer tactic so that it seems legit when you google it.

Be careful, If you have ordered I wish you the best of luck. Hope it wasn't a big order right off the bat in case nothing shows up.

I have heard of this one, it probably is legit. I have not researched them much. You will probably get your goods. Happy to hear your experiences either way.

miniwa replied
2 Months

few days later (shipping would probably be faster if i didnt ship via some place that proxies it to my grocery store because >parents woo), can confirm is legit, my packages are here n_n

for anyone wondering about the repeat customer discounts they have (since i can see those now), its around 9% but lets be real the only reason i ordered from this store was cause its in the same country as me so really really fast delivery times, shame they barely have any inventory though so worth going to like. any other store if they happen to be outta stock when you're ordering...

by the way, thank you for all the info Coffee!

Coffee replied
2 Months

@miniwa Thanks for the update. I see they have good reviews, I will add them to the spreadsheet soon.

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