Date Note
2020.07.27Added bulk milligram prices to Estradiol Gels and Progesterone Gels.
2020.07.25Favskinhouse has set up a new shop and re-added to the list.
2020.07.24DIYHRT now accepts Bitcoin, added to payment methods.
2020.07.21Added Estradiol Injections informational notice and bulk milligram prices.
2020.07.21Added bulk milligram prices for Progesterone Injections and Tamoxifen.
2020.07.19Added Estradiol Patches informational notice and bulk microgram prices.
2020.07.19Added bulk milligram prices to Cyproterone, Bicalutamide, Spironolactone, Finasteride and Dutasteride.
2020.07.18Added bulk milligram prices to Progesterone Capsules and HydroxyProg Injections and cleaned up the already existing milligram prices for Estradiol Pills.
2020.07.17Added informational notice for Cyproterone Acetate dosage.
2020.07.17Added Medicina Mexico.
2020.07.17Separated Hydroxyprogesterone injections from Progesterone injections into its own category.
2020.07.13Product updates, Updated DIYHRT shipping from location.
2020.07.07OpenGraphProtocol added to products for SEO.
2020.07.07Greatly expanded Tamoxifen category, Raloxifene still hard to come by.
2020.07.06Divided Progesterone category into three separate categories. Capsules, Injections, and Gel.
2020.07.05Added WebOrderPharmacy.
2020.07.04Added OTC-Online-Store.
2020.07.04Changelog created. Nothing before this is logged.