Date Type Note
2020.12.03UpdateUpdated Buserelin price.
2020.12.02UpdateMore Buserelin options available.
2020.12.02UpdateThailandPharmacy taken off list until products are shipped out to customers.
2020.11.21UpdateCounterfeit Progynon-Depot links have been taken down.
2020.11.17UpdateUpdated US/UK/NL Suppliers to list from and to instead of only to for clarity.
2020.11.17UpdateUpdated EstroNorge products and prices.
2020.11.15UpgradePatches price per 100mcg updated to reflect per 7 days for all products. (Price / 100mcg / 7 days).
2020.11.15UpgradeAdded Express Shipping Availability icons to frontpage list.
2020.11.13UpdateRupills Bicalutamide prices updated.
2020.11.10UpgradeReplaced CEX.IO with Binance due to lower fees and easier to verify identity for trading.
2020.11.10UpgradeDecluttered site, no bitcoin explanations, removed some ads.
2020.10.31UpdateBuy-Pharm added.
2020.10.29UpgradeDataTables loading speed slightly improved.
2020.10.26UpgradeDisclaimers on bottom of page updated, privacy policy link added.
2020.10.26UpdateMore price updates and fixed a few calculation errors in price per mg on some products.
2020.10.18UpgradeDisabled discussion page and moved the essential resources thread to its own page.
2020.10.17UpgradeNew page with more information about bitcoin.
2020.10.13UpdateMore GnRH suppliers for USA and UK.
2020.10.13UpgradeAdded a minimum site width for making tables more usable on mobile.
2020.10.11UpgradeAdded a GnRH agonist category.
2020.10.10UpdateMinor price changes and added Otokonoko Progesterone capsules.
2020.10.08UpgradeAdded a disable option to automatic currency conversion.
2020.10.04UpdateAdded Otokonoko's Dutasteride, and Favskinhouse's Duoton Fort.
2020.10.01UpgradeAdded frontpage informational notice about the legitimacy of the suppliers and to please report suspicious activity should something change.
2020.09.27UpdatePharmaOnline and Otokonoko updates.
2020.09.22UpdateDIYHRT price increases update.
2020.09.20UpgradeAdded a few more currencies (CAD,AUD,NOK).
2020.09.20UpgradeAutomatic currency conversion added to all the lists. This will make it easier to see prices properly sorted regardless of currency. Took a long time. Feedback is welcome.
2020.09.19UpgradeAutomatic currency conversion added to the HydroxyProgesterone Injections list and Cyproterone Acetate list. Feedback is welcome.
2020.09.19UpdateAdded Estradiol and Bicalutamide pills from OtokonokoPharma.
2020.09.17UpradeHydroxyprogesterone bulk price changed to per 25mg in preparation of automatic currency conversion (less decimals).
2020.09.17UpdateBicaluplex from EU-Aibolit added to list.
2020.09.15UpdateDose correction on OTC-Online-Store and RuPills Estradiol Patches.
2020.09.12UpgradeLists now automatically sort from cheapest to most expensive bulk milligram price.
2020.09.11UpdateRuPills has been added.
2020.09.10UpdateReliableRxPharmacy, sister site of AllDayChemist, has been added.
2020.09.08UpgradeDomperidone list added.
2020.09.03AffiliateAffiliate links to Medisave injection supplies has been added to the relevant injectionables pages.
2020.08.27UpdateMinor updates to WebOrderPharmacy shipping details (India to US only) and EstroNorge price and stock updates.
2020.08.16AffiliateAffiliate link to CEX.IO Crypto exchange has been added on the main page.
2020.08.16AffiliateAffiliate link are coming to help pay for hosting and domain costs. Full disclosure; we will receive a small percentage compensation and we will not hide any affiliation. We will make sure to keep affiliaties to a minimum and as non-intrusive as possible. We will never vouch for anything we deem a poor choice medically or financially. No advertisement trackers will be involved on this site, we respect your right to privacy.
2020.07.27UpgradeAdded bulk milligram prices to Estradiol Gels and Progesterone Gels.
2020.07.25UpdateFavskinhouse has set up a new shop and re-added to the list.
2020.07.24UpdateDIYHRT now accepts Bitcoin, added to payment methods.
2020.07.21UpgradeAdded Estradiol Injections informational notice and bulk milligram prices.
2020.07.21UpgradeAdded bulk milligram prices for Progesterone Injections and Tamoxifen.
2020.07.19UpgradeAdded Estradiol Patches informational notice and bulk microgram prices.
2020.07.19UpgradeAdded bulk milligram prices to Cyproterone, Bicalutamide, Spironolactone, Finasteride and Dutasteride.
2020.07.18UpgradeAdded bulk milligram prices to Progesterone Capsules and HydroxyProg Injections and cleaned up the already existing milligram prices for Estradiol Pills.
2020.07.17UpgradeAdded informational notice for Cyproterone Acetate dosage.
2020.07.17UpdateAdded Medicina Mexico.
2020.07.17UpgradeSeparated Hydroxyprogesterone injections from Progesterone injections into its own category.
2020.07.13UpdateProduct updates, Updated DIYHRT shipping from location.
2020.07.07UpgradeOpenGraphProtocol added to products for SEO.
2020.07.06UpgradeDivided Progesterone category into three separate categories. Capsules, Injections, and Gel.
2020.07.05UpdateAdded WebOrderPharmacy.
2020.07.04UpdateAdded OTC-Online-Store.
2020.07.04UpgradeChangelog created. Nothing before this is logged.