Name Shipping Payment Notes
InHousePharmacy Ships from Vanuatu 5% Discount over 25 $
EU-Aibolit Ships from EU
Aphrodite's Ships from EU MG WU
UnitedPharmacies UK HK to UK
UnitedPharmacies US HK to US 10% Discount on BTC payment.
UnitedPharmacies NL HK to NL
AllDayChemist Ships from India
ReliableRxPharmacy Ships from India
Lena Ships from Ukraine Very popular for injections.
Shape Shifter Ships from Turkey Price match available.
StayHealtyNow Ships from Turkey 10% Discount on BTC payment.
Pilloid Ships from Russia 20% Discount on BTC payment.
OTC-Online-Store Ships from Russia WU
Buy-Pharm Ships from Russia
GoodStuffStore Ships from Thailand MG WU
Favskinhouse Ships from Thailand MG WU S TW
Amazon4Health Ships from Thailand
Otokonoko Pharmaceuticals Ships from Brazil TW
PharmaOnline Ships from EU
WebOrderPharmacy India to US WU 10% Discount on BTC payment.
WebOrderPharmacy-UK India to UK WU 10% Discount on BTC payment.
Medicina Mexico Ships from Mexico


  • RuPills appears to be down for reasons unknown to us. [Reddit]
  • Try to have at least 3 months worth of product at any given time if you can afford it. Delays or problems with orders can make you run out of hormones.